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Aquarius sign is symbolically depicted by the image of water or someone pouring water. Aquarians are born on January 18 to February 18. The quality of the zodiac is fixed and polarity is active. The ruling planet is Uranus that is flexible in nature and easy going.

As per Tarot cards, they are The Star. The element it posses is air and a lucky gemstone is Opal and Aquamarine. And its Lucky Talisman is The Key and The Owl.

Positive of Aquarius Zodiac Signs

With their amicable and dynamic nature, Aquarians make companions easily and blends with everybody. They even get along with friends and family with whom they are meeting after a long time or have never met. They are happy to go lucky person who finds happiness in every bit. There urge of progressing leads them to find opportunities.

They are energetic and creative in nature but to attain their goal they need motivation periodically. They buckle down in a social gathering to activate introverts too. They are good listeners and great advisers.  They are keen to try something new and adventurous. If they get the time they try their hand on the novel first.


These people are friendly and entertaining thus people who want to spend quality time chose them to be with. They are ready for adventures; being inquisitive they gather friends for exciting and thrilling experiences.

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They are generous; hence if you want any help you can expect a true hand extending towards you.It is normal for individuals to see Aquarians as segregated and lacking enthusiasm. However, this sign faces a variety of feelings and necessities that enable them to blossom with the contention they look on an ordinary premise.

This sign wants soundness in their lives and to take after a schedule. The qualities of an Aquarian accompany their inspiration to roll out an improvement on the planet. They are visionaries who can perceive what individuals will require in the future. Thus, they don’t squander whenever attempting to do use for the entire with a solid start.

Negative of Aquarius Zodiac Signs

They always want to be the center of attraction and for that, they love to be different. If they do not succeed in attaining so, they get profoundly hurt. If they get attention then their expectations get increased and they get more peculiar.

They are sometimes lost in themselves and make perplexities as a result of their perceptions. They may be stuck in the bizarre borders of eccentricity and enjoy this. This may be entertaining for them but may not be prolific.

Some shrewd or dependable people can easily take advantage of their generosity. They need time for them to develop something innovative and productive. They invest a lot of energy on focusing a few people which later hinders their development. They get bored easily therefore timely motivation is needed to keep them moving towards their goal.

Sometimes mentally and physically anxiousness and nervousness hamper their efficiency this may also be in case of the societal area. Therefore only an inspiring person with a flexible mood can cope up with Aquarians.

Being unreliable and generic there is only one advice to them is to focus on their path as they are pioneers by birth and can get famous personified.



Aquarius-Strength-and-WeaknessIn Summary

The Strengths Aquarians posses are Intelligent, Intellectual, Innovative, Creative, Friendly, Alluring, Humanitarian, Social and Reformative.

And their Weakness is Rebels, Stiff, Emotionally Detached, Irresponsible, Impersonal and Wacky.

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