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Every horoscope gets along with different horoscope. It is because nature and traits of every zodiac differ. Similarly, an innovative sign is Aquarius. The native of this zodiac is proactive, energetic and like to create new ideas for success in life.

They are constantly trying to diversify their empire. As per Aquarius compatibility, if one wants to be with Aquarius he should be patient and understanding in nature as they are sometimes difficult to comprehend and acts like snobs.  They are freedom lovers and have a nagging fear that they might be pulled back or restricted from doing creative.

Aquarius Relationship and Compatibility

If we talk about Aquarians Love life then they easily get attracted towards intellectual reinforcements. Personally, they are liable, risk taker, merciful and non-domineering at all. So, they love people who are intelligent and interesting. Being jocular they love people who are clear, energetic and progressive. They are highly divergent towards independence and trustworthy behavior.

The Aquarius compatibility research indicates that they mingle with three zodiacs i.e. Sagittarius, Libra, and Gemini.  There are lots in common with the Sagittarians as the natives of compatible signs are bubbly, energetic and gels with people easily.  Furthermore, their Aquarius compatibility suggests that this zodiac is best as love partners or relationships due to similarities they possess like socializing and career oriented. So they make a perfect match to attain success and peace.

Libra is the second most compatible sign for Aquarians. There intellectual bent and love for creativity pulls them towards one direction. As per relationship, if the native of Aquarius pushes himself to understand the Librans then they make a perfectly happy couple. Their relationship will be happy and longevity.

Gemini is another sign with whom Aquarians get along very well. They have similar traits like both are a social bee, enjoy life to its fullest and both are light-hearted. As per Aquarius compatibility when it comes to carnal pleasures both are drawn towards each other like a magnet.

Least Compatibility of Aquarius

Virgo and Aquarius

Both these zodiacs are distinct and opposite in nature. If a Virgo looks on darker zone then Aquarius looks at the brighter side. They have a fundamental difference and being fussy zodiac Aquarians love compatibility is quite low.

Pisces and Aquarius

Compatibility of Aquarius may hit off well with Pisces but soon the water carrier of Pisces will suffocate the other. This is due to the possessiveness and mistrustful behavior of Pisces towards the other. Furthermore, even a session between the two will turn out to be an ignominy for them.

Scorpio and Aquarius

Both the natives are opposite from each other and are loggerheads. Socially they both are weak and cannot stand each other. Their eye contact is nil. As per the Aquarius compatibility, the water content Aquarius may feel cornered due to possessiveness and dominance of Scorpions.

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