Aquarius Baby Names for Girls and Boys

Aquarius Baby Names for Girls and Boys

If your due date falls somewhere from January 18 to February 18 then your baby is an Aquarian. First of all, congratulations on a new family member who is a great believer of truth, honesty and wisdom lover.

They possess visionary perspectives in the circles of zodiacs which is unique. This is what differentiates them from others and they are looked upon.

Aquarian babies are mostly happy, fun and peace loving. However, they are famous for their unpredictable and erratic moods. At a moment they will love their school and suddenly they may be completely stifled by so. Therefore they are extremist of love but with variations.  Sometimes they are affection and on someday totally opposite. You cannot predict what’s going on their mind.

Its hard to get along with an Aquarian but they go well with Gemini, Libra, and Sagittarians. This could be because these zodiacs innately connect with their symbol water. They love freedom and independence. They are generous humans who are ready to extend their helping hand if someone is in need. But sometimes they may detach themselves and get going on their way surpassing the emotional manipulations. They love to gel up with others but also desires for shelf-space.

Don’t misinterpret an Aquarian, they aren’t judgmental and don’t want others to review them. They are idealistic and naïve and steps on front foot if someone misguides or crosses their path. People summon themselves when they are in power. Though they are erratic in nature they are good friends. They have active mindsets and a great sense of humor that entertains to the core and you will love their company.

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They get bored easily but it’s not the same case about their friends. They attain popularity amongst societies but their true friends are few in number.

Aquarians life stages on an average of 70 to 77. Their image in the community is due to their wisdom and truthful life all with youthful honesty throughout their journey.

The love to do what they want to and loves to live freely without limitations. If they don’t like something they mold it according to their taste. They hate restrictions and tend to escape from relations that bind them. They get exhausted rapidly, therefore, guidance and motivation are highly recommended to be progressive.

So, what name you are picking for your little one-

Aquarius Girl Names Meaning Aquarius Boy Names Meaning
Alice Truth, noble Alfred Counselor
Estelle Star Darwin Dear Friend
Frida Free Dermot Freeman
January Born in the month Hugh Bright mind
Nova New Edwin Prosperous friend
Mila Gracious Sage Wise
Lysandra Who is freed  Gareth Gentle
Frances Free Franklin Freeman
Genevieve White wave Simon Listener
Electra Shining One Maverick Wildly independent

Some Famous Aquarian celebrities are-

Oprah Winfrey, Shakira, Christiano Ronaldo, Harry Styles, Paris Hilton, Ariel Winter, Jennifer Aniston, Micheal Jordan, Justin Timberlake and many more. These are just a few names the list is pretty long.

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