Aquarius Man in Love & Relationships

aquaries men in love
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When it comes to relationship Aquarius man is sexually active and won’t get settled with less than romantic revolution.  In short, they are the sexy nerd who loves to get along with the beloved and intelligent partner.

They are hilarious and their sense of humor is attractive that borders on the bizarre. This is how they seep off their feet when they are flirting with someone or many at the moment. There notorious and fickle nature is the key to their charm. This attractiveness makes them an eligible bachelor in town due to which they make have been through many relationships before getting married. Even they may try their hand on few marriages till they get a compatible ideal partner.

They are what they are, i.e. they are not at all pretending. This originality intends them to refuse societal norms and expectations. They are a free spirit who loves to explore the world and be on the peak. This is displayed through their clothing, style, profession, viewpoints etc. but they are unconventional when it’s about mates. As they are distinct, they fall in love with who is unusual and more transgressive.


When they are not bounded in any terms, they are free and can take sex, romance or love like a play. These relationships will be purely a businesslike give and take relationships or one may say “friends with benefits” arrangements.  He can be a Casanova sometimes and may leave many hearts broken behind due to his detaching humorous attitude towards sexuality.

Aquarius man may enjoy mind games and may indulge his partner with sex toys to establish eroticism.  Not all Aquarians are similar, therefore some may not like to experiment and cosset in their fascination, so for them, their partners will be in charge of exploring.

How to Attract Aquarius Man
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How to Attract Aquarius Man

Before getting into a relationship with him you must know that he is captivating and often a confusing person.

Learn positive and negative sides prior to approach an Aquarius man. They are unexpected and difficult to understand. They are socially active, clever and love independence. Sometimes they can be notorious, submissive and flexible.

Let your relation breathe and do not create borderline in your relationship if want it to flourish. Don’t be pushy and sentimental. Aquarians may not handle all these and might seek ways to escape.

Sometimes they need space.  Your man may lock up his mind and may look out for a partner who is creative and progressive. To acquire a place in his heart, first be his companion. Later, you will realize that this has been o another level of excitement and serious affiliation. It is seen that many Aquarius man falls in love with their friends or mates. Respect his need and thirst for freedom. He wants his own peaceful space where he can be creative and innovative to bring out changes in his world.

In short, Aquarius man won’t get in a relationship for its sake. Yet, to satisfy a dream or investigate opportunities that excites him with interminable plausibility. If you fit in his master plan than just pack your bags to get in his life otherwise end your fascinations here itself.

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