Aquarius Zodiac Sign Personality Traits

These people are quiet and stiff but in a chorus, they are dynamic and wacky. They are a profound mastermind and have qualities of reasoning. They are smart and always get ways to come out from trouble situation with helping hand. They aren’t judgmental and wish same from others. This is the way they oversee support and avoid any troubles.

They are weird as they like to be in companies and remain in seclusion. In both outcomes, they draw out their internal forces. They are optimistic and intellectual and find good in everything which makes them successful.

They know where to use their vitality and create opportunities In spite of the fact that they require inspiration as they get effectively exhausted.

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They are modest and conserved people though some identities may be aggressive when needed. They are organizer and plan for future before which causes them in advancing towards their objective.

As expressed over, their decision planet is Uranus which is adaptable and adjusts to modifications effortlessly. They are humanitarians and peace lover. They are always keen on their life and is constantly working on their dreams to achieve self- actualization. The gel along with people usually but sometimes they chose solitude.

Sometimes they feel restricted and are not able to cross the borderline. Even they may feel personality conflicts or fear to lose their uniqueness. This is the point where everything changes. They are genuine warriors and will battle for their flexibility and freedom. This is the reason numerous freedom fighters, politicians and world changers are Aquarians. Oftentimes, they are pushy and some people may not withstand that. They have to figure out how to express their emotions to other in a fitting unobtrusive way.

Aquarius Personality

People born from January 18 to February 18 are Aquarians. Their ruling planet is Uranus and the element is air. It is symbolized by a pitcher of water or pouring water. Aquarius posses’ qualities that are fixed and their lucky colors are Blue, Blue-Green, Grey, and Black.

Their lucky day is Saturday and Sunday and their lucky numbers are4, 8, 13,17,22,26. They make great companions with Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra, and Aries. Leo is the most preferred when it comes to marriage. Their gemstone is Opal and Aquamarine and The Key and The Owl are there lucky Talisman.


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The strength that Aquarius born holds be Innovative, intellectual, advanced, free-spirit, humanitarian. Their weakness includes Emotional, short-tempered, non-compromising nature and stiffness.

Aquarius natives like entertainment, intellectual conversations, good listener, risk taker, struggler. What they don’t like is the restrictions, counterfeit, fake-incomplete promises, monotony.

Possible Health Concerns

Avoid any sort of addictions as you individuals embrace things quickly. You may keep a check on the nervous system, respiratory system and disorders like insomnia, stress, depression etc are common in them.  Take enough sleep and eat nutritious food for healthy living. Although they are fit and healthy they need motivations to keep practicing the same routine because they get bored easily.

Famous Aquarians Personalities- Subhash Chandra Bose, Abraham Lincoln, Charles Darwin, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Kushwant Singh, Micheal Jordan, Paris Hilton, Cristiano Ronaldo, Oprah Winfrey, Judy Bloom and many more.

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