Aquarius Woman in Love

Aquarius Woman In Love

Aquarians are expressive in nature. Hence Aquarius woman if falls in love will show he feelings till she is unrestricted and free to be herself. Her unconscious fear of losing her personality to someone always pulls her back and makes her vulnerable to any expression of love. Ultimately transforming her into what is opposite to her personality.

Still, many Aquarius women have grown up and appropriated the fact that a certain amount of love is enough to be in a happy married life. She will be happy with her kids, family, and partner with this. However, her decision seems rational but it should be respected and perceived as love because this is the hardest thing for her.

Aquarius Woman Sexuality

She is open-minded and loves her partner to be the same. She loves the one who is expressive and interesting. The one who is a taboo breaker and modernized is always on her radar. If she wants to express her sexuality, then she will do that in spite of giving a second thought about what the society will think.

She is sexually active though sometimes her rational mindset about society may restrict her from creating scenes. But sometimes she may come out of the box and may perform an experiment on intimacy on strangest places. She is the boss lady and wants her man to be unprejudiced.

Relationship with Aquarius woman

She is unpredictable, so if you are searching for a subtle, secure and stable partner then she is not someone you want to be with. She is independent and cannot be tied. However, if she makes a mind about someone she is ready to do anything and everything to get him.

Until her biological clock strikes she is not the one to get in the formal expectations of a relationship. If you are getting into a relationship with this pretty lady remember she could only be swept through respect and pampering.

Aquarius Women

Trusting an Aquarius Woman

This question is contradicting and has two extreme answers. If the relationship is breathing, secure, emotional and trustworthy then without a doubt she is entirely yours. However, if the personality is threatened due to another, then she won’t give a second thought to break-up or will probably lie and will take responsibility of what she is up to.

Dating an Aquarius Woman

Aquarians are extremely out of the box as they love bungee jumping, paragliding, sexual experience in public and what not. She is a rule breaker and sometimes uncontrollable because of her lively nature. If her upbringing was tender and gentle then her rebellious nature won’t be difficult to control. But the truth is that her inner-self will push her towards extremist.

That is the reason she is not something that will be eating spaghetti on a candlelight dinner with family. Either she will choose spicy food, or wants to go to the club to enjoy to the fullest. Her urge to explore new things will pull her in the direction of fun, excitement, luxury, changes and that is why she will never be satisfied with the less.


Choosing Gift for an Aquarius Woman

It’s very easy- Choose something that you won’t buy for any other woman. She is different but her heart is similar to any other women who love romantic and beautiful gifts. That doesn’t mean you pick a dozen red roses for her as she might not love to be with something familiar.

Be surprising and pick something unusual. Opt for something in purple or silver tone. Explore a romantic date on your anniversary or chose some fireworks. Your creativity is the key to her heart, remember.

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